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Top Reasons Of Failing in ACCA OBU RAP

  If we analyze the data from Oxford Brookes University, nearly 50% of the students who submit their research and analysis projects or RAP fail in their first attempt. Most


The two main elements that OBU Rap, BSc Applied accountancy, BSc applied accounting,  Oxford Brookes project , Research and analysis report  demands of are the Evaluation of restructuring of an


  Lack of understanding of motivational theories is a general weak point of many students appearing for OBU Rap which renders this topic important from the viewpoint of the examiner.

Oxford Brookes University BSc Honours in Applied Accounting: A Basic Guide

What is OBU?  ACCA, in coordination with Oxford Brookes University, gives an exciting opportunity to all eligible students to obtain a universally recognized BSc Honours degree in Applied Accounting. Eligibility

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Dissertation Writing Services

Academic Mania offers unmatched dissertation writing services for students around the world. Our writers are capable of producing an impeccable dissertation with guaranteed high score.